I specialize in bridging human-centered strategies with design systems to make meaningful brand experiences. Directing creative to achieve positive impact on culture through compelling brand stories is my primary motivation and personal mission.
Currently working as Creative Director and Head of Strategy at BUCK in Los Angeles to collaborate with teams of world-class artists on multi-faceted, award-winning global systems that touch billions every day. I push creative to be as intelligent as it is artful, ensuring the foundational rationale is just as strong as the final render. And my Strategy team is full of the smartest, most considerate people I know.
Outside work, I enjoy little passion projects and lots of travel, dogs, books, resonant quotes, unabashedly friendly people, and being outside. When I'm not engaged with one of those, I'm likely lettering on my couch, binging a crime series, or watering my 50+ plants. 
I'm the oldest of three sisters and it shows.
My Pisces sign has me dialed.
Thirteen is my lucky number.
Dogs make me melt (especially mine).
Movie quotes are my thing.
I jumped out of a plane once, and I'd do it again.
Grey is my go-to, but green is my favorite.
Avocado and cilantro on everything.
100% plant-obsessed (but not based).
I regret not taking more naps.
Kindness, always.

Brands I've had the pleasure of working with in-house, in agency, and otherwise. My creative contributions span the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, and I'm always happy to make new friends.
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