How on Earth
A future of a different color. One of my all-time favorite projects, this coloring book envisions a creatively sustainable world, conceived by my Strategy team and crafted impeccably by the incomparable artists at BUCK. This highly-collaborative endeavor engaged every department—from Production to Creative Technology and beyond—all to put our creative prowess toward the greater good. 
All proceeds benefit the Earth Island Institute, available for purchase on BUCK GOODS.
Studio: BUCK
Alex Belsky, Amelia Chen, Andre Araujo, Anna Moessnang, Anthony Enns, Ashley Domondon, Audrey Kang, Ayla Mortada, Ben Langsfeld, Bill Dorais, Brooke Kessler, Cameron Browning, Celine Nguyen, Charlie Whitney, Chris Phillips, Cody O'Neill, Daiqi Cui, Daniel Oeffinger, David Evans, Dawn Lonowski, Emily Suvanvej, Grace Park, Hanna No, Haolin Fang, Jamiel Law, Jess Pierik, Jigyu (Jigs) Yoon, Joe Donaldson, Joel Plosz, Johan Eriksson, Johana Kroft, Josephine Heintz, Joy Tien, Julia Mattos, Justin Cone, Justin Wilcott, Kendra Ryan, Kenesha Sneed, Kevin Hall, Kim Stephens, Kirin Robinson, Kitty Dillard, Kuu Chen, Kyle Strope, Lauren Gaballo, Louis Wesolowsky, Marian Louise Callanta, Marla Moore, Matt Kenefick, Mayele Yebo, Mercy Lomelin, Michelle Higa Fox, Mieka Jewett, Morgan Schweitzer, Nikko Gary, Noel Núñez-Caba, Noemi Pal, Orion Tait, Paola Chen Li, Ryan Nelson, Sam Lee, Sarah Pinhancos, Scarlett Starling, Shannon Jager, Shelby Chan, Steph Millar, Surabhi Rathi, Talia Lamdan, Tessa Chong, Tinghe Yang, Tristyn Pease, Tuo Kan, Twisha Patni, Veronica Holland, Vicky Chong, Will Burkart, Xia Gordon, Yi Zheng, Yinan Liang, and Zackary Miller
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