In seeking to honor the incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsburg at BUCK, we recognized that a simple portrait wouldn't do her justice. So we did something a little different, crafting an entire award-winning microsite from the ground up to celebrate her life and champion her legacy. Her notorious narrative lives on.
Studio: BUCK
Group Creative Direction: Ben Langsfeld,  Joe Mullen
Creative Strategy Direction: Marla Moore
Brand Strategy: Surabhi Rathi
Production: Erin Lockard and Mackenzie Alexander
Copywriting: Dave Evans
Site Design: Collin Graham
Site Build: Tayler Johnson
Illustration: Amelia Giller, Angelica Fernandez, Ben Nichols, German Di Ciccio, Jacob Myrick, Jesse Harp, Kuu Chen, Lauren Gaballo, Leonardo Santamaria, Nicole Pappas, Pete McDonald, Shannon Rollins, Thea Glad

View the site in its entirety at RBG.BUCK.CO
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