2x4 Foundation
Recognizing the strength inherent to basic building blocks, 2x4 encompasses an entire mission: to establish a foundation to, by and for women. And the resulting brand identity evokes the foundational strength of women helping women, built by a women-led team at BUCK.
Visit 2x4foundation.org, full credits on BUCK's site.
Studio: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld
Group Creative Director: Camille Chu
Creative Director: Emily Simms
Head of Strategy: Marla Moore
Strategy Lead: Surabhi Rathi
Strategist: Madison Caprara
Executive Producer: Kim Stephens
Producer: Mackenzie Kuzman
Production Coordinator: Jacklyn Reid
Design Lead: Codie Chang
Copywriting: Audrey Kang
Design: Clare Walsh, Lorena Manhaes, Soyeon Kim, Tien Min Lao, Wesley Chen
2D Animation: Angelica Fernandez
Full credits at buck.co.
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